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  • The most comprehensive and flexible resource management software on the market.
  • Widely regarded as the simplest way to track availability and training.
  • Certainly the most reliable system for Emergency Services, putting safety first.
  • New features and updates without disruption.
  • License agreements provide instant return on investment.

Our small team of developers enables us to be flexible with every deployment and make instant decisions. This speeds the process of customisation for each customer and ensures you can use Coverwatch from day one without fear of update schedules delaying your resource management.

Coverwatch produce robust, intelligent and intuitive solutions that grow with your needs and leverage the changing world of technology available to us.

About Coverwatch

We Listen to Our Users

By utilising discovery days and user feedback, we are able to understand user requirements. We use staging (UAT) servers to clarify user requirements and iterate solutions. We have been building what users need for nearly 15 years.

We Use Open Source

Open Source technologies and the communities that sit behind them form an exceptional platform. Coverwatch v3 is written in PHP 7. The software is built on a solid foundation of OO (Object Oriented) architecture and on a LAMP stack.

We Use Cloud First

Our solution is deployed on the public cloud. We use dedicated servers for the first tier platform and Amazon Web Services (live replication) for failover.

We Are Secure

We use SHA-256 level encryption over TLS to ensure the most secure connectivity. Our services undergo an annual penetration test to ensure we are up to date with emerging vulnerabilities.

We Adopt Agile

At Coverwatch, we wholeheartedly adopt the Agile framework and Manifesto. Four of the developers are Certified Scrum Masters. Daily stand-ups, two week sprints. Working software is always the priority.

We Iterate and Improve

By using GIT for version control, we are able to iterate quickly and safely. We use automated test suites (Solenium) to ensure robustness is maintained throughout the development cycle.

Below is a short video (less than 5 mins) that gives you a brief overview of the system (as at July 18). There is no sound, but is best viewed full screen.

Coverwatch News

The Station Grid shows combined blocks
New Enhancements in Station View

We have changed the format to show in grouped block elements, which makes it far easier to see overall availability. We have also changed the format so it's showing the next 6, 12 or 24 hours (from the current time). Still allowing to move backwards and forwards through days or to a specific date. Administrators can still click a button to switch to Edit View and make global updates.

October 2018
The Emergency Services Show - Stand M21
"We're gonna need a bigger boat!..."

The Emergency Services Show 2018 was a resounding success. Being able to showcase our software (in live demos) met with a great deal of interest from a number of diferent Services and service sectors. Lots for us to follow up on. Really looking forward to next year with a much bigger stand!

September 2018
New - Exclusive Competencies

There are now competencies that can be set as exclusive - this means users cannot be allocated another simultaneous role. There are corresponding competencies that are combined - an example of this would be a crew member that is prepared to run as JO/ERD.

Jan 15th 2019
Timeshift Bar on Live Station
Further Enhancements to Live Station

We've made some changes to the Live Station section on the Station Dashboard. Drag the bar at the top to move through the next 12 hours in 30 minute steps. Show appliance and crew availability for that specific time.

November 2018
More enhancements added to 'timeshift' bar.

Following the popularity of the timeshift bar on the map and alarms areas, we have extended the functionality to allow up to two weeks forward planning.

The bar still allows increments up to 48 hours in the future, but there is also now a drop down on the right that allows you to select days. This will give you a full 24 hour view of the day in half / hourly increments (depending on your setup).

June 28th 2019
New app released
Station Commander App added to the Suite

We have just released another app in the suite. This app allows Station Managers to allocate crew to appliances when mobilised. It also shows a real-time snapshot of current status.

Easily see where your available crew are.
GPS Functionaility

We've hooked up the Google Maps API to the available users interface. Quickly and easily search by availability, competencies, role or proximity. Smart search also allows you to refine the results. Looking at @what3words for the next stage of this. Exciting times!!

October 1st 2019
Reports now allow you to save your filters and input parameters.
Share your Reports

We've now added the ability to save and share your report criteria. This makes monthly and ad-hock reporting significantly quicker as your frequent searches are readily available.

July 12th 2019
Stations now show graphs at the top.
Graph View added to Availability Grids

All availability grids (Station, Station Planning, Admin drill-down) now have a very simple graph at the top. It allows you to see appliance availability at a glance for any specific day.


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